Terms & Conditions


  • We would not hold any stock until we receive at least 30% of deposits


  • 2% surcharge would be applied to any credit card payments
  • All invoiced accounts must be made in full without deduction and set-off by the customer
  • unless a credit facility is granted,payment should be made prior or on the date of delivery
  • For the customer having a credit facility,payment is strictly net THIRTY days from the end of the month in which the invoice was made subject to the credit limit
  • If a default in payment occurs:  a. GBM may withhold further deliveries of goods and/or withdrwa any credit facilities;and b. all outstanding amounts.even if not otherwise due for payment become Immediately payable.


  • 20% restocking fee would be applied to all returns
  • all goods to be retuned must be in their original packaging and conditions

Retention of Title:

  • Ownerships of the goods will remain with GBM until full payment is received
  • Until the customer pays all amounts it owes GMB,the customer:a. must store the goods in a way that identifies them as GBM’s goods,distinguishable from other goods in the customers possession;b. must acknowledge that it holds the goods as GBM’s bailee and that a fiduciary relationship exists with GBM
  • If the customer fails to pay any amount when it is due without notice to the customer and without prejudeice to any of its other rights,GBM may recover and or resell the goods or any of them and may enter the customer’s premises by its servants or agents for that purpose,The Customer indemnifies GBM for all claims,actions,suits,demand,and order for costs or damages to arising out of such entry.